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The other day my Durango's check engine light came on and I knew I had to get it to the shop. Unfortunately my factory warranty had just ran out and I knew there was no way I was going to take my car to the dealer and pay their crazy prices. I did a quick search on Yelp for automotive repair in Fremont and found Dorsos. I called and they were able to fit me in same day to see what the check engine light was. They let me know upfront that it was $150 for them to diagnose the problem. They called me after looking over the entire care and found the problem and also informed me that my rear brakes were in need of immediate repair (that would explain my mushy braking). They let me know the prices on everything and I had them go ahead and fix everything. The best thing was that the staff was kind, friendly and quick......unlike most dealer shops. I will be taking my car to Dorsos for future repairs and would highly recommend them.


I was charged $150 to examine my vehicle before I received an estimate .. It surprised me.


I heard of this place via the other Yelp review. I gave Rick a call and he was very friendly - I told him my car was making a noise and I needed someone to check it out. He had me come on over and he was willing to hop in the car and go for a ride with me to figure out what was up. He immediately identified what was wrong and I left my car with him to more fully examine. I received a timely call with a short list of repairs - he didn't push to do anything other than what I had originally asked him about (brakes). He was interested in taking care of my car and me, not squeezing me for every last cent. The brake job they did was great.My wife went to pick the car up and she said Rick was very helpful and patiently explained to her everything he had done and what was going on with the car. Sometimes mechanics can be condescending to women but my wife was happy with the way Rick interacted with her.I'll definitely be bringing my car back when I need it worked on again.UPDATE as of 3/20/08:My wife and I have brought our cars here over the past year and had consistently good results. Tom and Rick always clearly explain what's up with the car, break down every charge on the bill when you pay, etc. My impression is they don't want to make money by ripping you off like some mechanics do. Instead, they want to provide solid, friendly, honest service so they have repeat customers. Imagine that!


Unfortunately I live in Sunnyvale, so It's hards for me to get to Rick over at Dorsos these days. He's been our family mechanic for years, and I trust him with anything. Dorsos isn't the cheapest place around, but the work they do is top notch, and Rick will spend the time to really help you out. Very good place and I recommend to everyone.I just read the review below. Fair enough. However, I would prefer a mechanic charging me $150 bucks and then tell me everything is fine, over a mechanic claiming a free check, and then tries to convince me I need 2 grand worth of work done. That's just me.

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